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Military Recruiting Sustainment Training & Team seminars 

Military Recruiting Experts offers a variety of recruiting sustainment training and development seminar services to optimize business processes.  Our proven methods will enhance your organizational performance and build a stronger team.  We are confident your team will benefit greatly from our services.  

Military Recruiting Sustainment Training

Enhance the efficiency of your recruiting process and drive accessions with our services to ensure you sustain the professionals on your team. Military Recruiting Experts offers customer-specific military recruiting sustainment training that not only helps you keep your employee for the long-haul, but also ensures resources are directed at effective efforts. We can also train the key decision makers on how to build a unified team at your organization.

Military recruiting sustainment training is required for all recruiting branches or organizations and we are poised to fulfill this need. Our team has decades of recruiting experience and has provided the leadership to a recruiting force that enlisted nearly 20,000 soldiers during two wars. Every service that we provide is customized to your circumstance. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.

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Team Development Seminars 

Military Recruiting Experts will facilitate team training seminars to meet your needs.  We will tailor an offsite event that will allow your organization to step away from daily office demands to complete specific training tasks or organizational projects.  Seminars ranging from mission planning sessions for leaders to training an individual recruiting team on selling to millennials are a few examples.  Whatever your need is, we will work with you to ensure the end state objective is met. 

Command Consultation

We will complete an objective data review of demographics, manning, market volume, market share, and internal metrics and provide SWOT analysis feedback and recommendations.

Reviewing Metrics


I served in the Minnesota Army National Guard for more than 26 years, 23 of those as a Noncommissioned Officer. The most difficult and rewarding assignment of my career was the decade I spent in the Recruiting and Retention BN. The majority of my time at RRB I served as Area NCOIC, Production Sergeant Major, and Command Sergeant Major. Our team was nationally recognized for outstanding performance in enlisted recruiting. We exceeded our annual mission every year well ahead of schedule.

Recruiting can be the best and the worst job in the military. When you are making mission, things couldn't be better. When you're not, it couldn't be worse. I started this company to help recruiting organizations live in the best of times by making mission through doing the right things, checking the right things, and resourcing the right things. My team is made of retired Senior NCOs who have enjoyed overwhelming success in recruiting. We want to partner with you to enhance the performance of your team.

Dave Eustice

David Eustice